Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Aljazeera America Revolution

This is a historic, and hopefully revolutionary moment in media history.  Al Jazeera represents critical media, long lacking in the USA, done with better resources than mainstream media.

Right now, Al Jazerra is the so far it blows the doors off everything.

Alternative media channels have done much similar work, and are still essential, more than ever, for independent documentaries, Democracy Now, and the like.  But some of the best parts of Link TV and Free Speech TV were in fact the Al Jazerra news broadcast (the previously developed Aljazerra English broadcast in Europe).  Actually, I'd still like the see the Aljazerra English on alternate channels continue...I worry about divergence...targeting to the predjudices of the US audience.

If you get Dish Network, like me, and you should, you can get Aljazeera America on channel 215, Link TV at 9410 and Free Speech TV (FSTV) at 9415.  More critical channels than any other network.

On Time Warner, or AT&T Uverse, you don't get any of these channels.  AT&T wimped out two minutes before the changeover from the changeover from Al Gore's CURNT channel.  Time Warner announced they would not carry Al Jazerra when the news of the sale of Al Gore's channel to Aljazeera became public.  As a friend of mine guessed, not just no but hell no. They won't cater to critical minds on Time Warner.  Only empire approved viewpoints will be recognized as sane.

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