Wednesday, August 28, 2013

AT&T Samsung Phone changeover horrible and ongoing

After three months of delightful call voice quality, and flawless Google navigation, but with such a horrible user interface that I've never bothered to do anything fun with it, and with many other frustrations regarding text notifications and such, my 32G Samsung Galaxy S4 microphone died.  So people call me, I can pick up the call, and they can just barely hear me if I cup my hands around the phone and shout at it.

I took the phone back to an AT&T store, the real store, not the mall kiosk where I bought it (where, as I have already learned, they basically can't do anything) and spent 90 minutes before I could get the authorization to have a new phone shipped to me.  (When my iPhone 3 had a failure, about 1 year after purchase, I took it to an Apple store and they had me switched over to a new phone and on my way in ten minutes.  IIRC, that was on a Friday evening also.)  No local store could exchange the phone for me because no local store has the 32G model.  I asked if they would just downgrade me to 16G and they refused.  So I had to endure a long call (at the AT&T store) to corporate before I could get the exchange authorization.  Basically they had me take the phone apart and verify that two water test spots were still showing no water damage.  During the conversation I made the mistake of hanging up the store's land line and it took about 40 minutes of shouting, hand waving, and esp to get connected with the same service representative again.  I was grateful nobody at the store interfered.  But nobody at the store was any help either.

I went to the store on Friday evening and received the new phone on Wednesday afternoon.  That just barely makes "two business days" if you toss the weekend.

Now I get the phone with a cheery sheet from AT&T telling me I can transfer my contacts to the new phone by going to  So I went there, but it seemed that it wanted to connect to my phone by wifi.  So I had to find my home wifi password.  That took about 3 hours of digging through old instruction manuals.  (I've made several copies of the wifi password and put them in the user manual caches in each room.  But it takes some time to go through those user manual caches and the relevant page turned out to be missing from the bedroom pile so I had to go to the kitchen pile.  When I actually found the information I made two copies and put one back in the bedroom pile.)  Obviously I don't add wifi devices to my system often.  I though I had already added the Samsung phone but maybe I didn't, or maybe it lost the password somehow.

Anyway, I got the wifi enabled and connected, then went back to the website.  Regardless of my wifi connection, it wasn't magically located after all and I then had to search for my make and model.  OK, so I finally got my "from" device entered.

But then it seems that it wants me to enter my "to" device.  And therein lies a problem.  The "to" device doesn't really exist yet.  I simply have a new husk of a phone with no SIM and no memory card.  The "to" device won't really exist until I move those over from the original phone.  It doesn't seem to me like they've actually worked this out.

So unless I figure this out, it may have to wait until Thursday or Friday and I go back to AT&T store and see if they can do the transfer.  Actually, even the kiosk might be able to do this.  They had originally offered to copy my stuff over from the iPhone.

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