Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Once again, we are the world's thug, not the world's policeman

We have absolutely no moral or legal authority to bomb or otherwise intervene with hostility in Syria without UN Security Council approval.  If there is such approval, then at least we have legal authority.

The only difference between the Syrian regime and hundreds of others we have supported militarily to suppress their own populations is that...the Syrians are allied with Russia instead of us.

Tens of millions of people have died in regimes we have supported militarily to advance OUR own geopolitical and geoeconomic agendas.

Even now, we are essentially turning a blind eye to government imposed mass murder in Egypt.  In fact, we are mostly continuing our support regime of Egypt, which has long been used for terroristic murder of civilians toward the end of subverting democracy.

The reason the American people support a military is for defense of the United States of America.  Not for being the world's thug or policeman.

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