Friday, April 13, 2018

No War in Syria!

Once again, we must bomb the country to save the children, we are being told.  The US has been funding violent terrorists against Assad and his father for decades because Syria is a client state of Russia, and the US and Israel and Saudi Arabia want to own the middle east through Sunni Wahabi fundamentalist client states, the likes of which most Syrians do not want to be a part of.  Among secular Syrians, Assad is considered too soft on terrorists.  Alleged chemical attacks going way back have always been fake or false flag, staged by rebels precisely when they are being beaten.  These rebels have the supplies to make chemical weapons, which have been proven to come to them through US clients.  White Helmets who make the reports are rebel agents.  Assad has no reason to use chemical weapons because he has vastly superior conventional forces and knows full well that chemical attacks would justify US intervention.  US Citizens are the most brainwashed in the world through a multi-sided Big Lie media which actually speaks on only one side when it comes to matters of war and geopolitics.

Checking the news just now, it's all about Mueller and Comey and so on.  I am relieved to see that war has not broken out yet.  All these Mueller and Russiagate things are all about putting pressure on Trump to follow Deep State militarism.  Mueller himself was a leader in propagating lies about 9/11 and the need to attack Iraq back in the day.  He is still serving that function, but on the other side, by constantly blackmailing Trump into being more of a War President.  When these deep state actors are pounding on Trump, that shows they are not getting their way.  When Trump acts like the Deep State wants him to, the media lets up for a few seconds on Russiagate and the like.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

In Russia, Healthcare is a Right

Since 1996, healthcare has been a national right in Russia.  In law.  As it certainly was during the Soviet era.

So much for those who say Russia is anti-socialist pure-cowboy-capitalist evil, which though "liberal" and maybe even "left liberal" is still part of the the fundamentally imperialist "Russia is Evul" chorus.  What's it ours to say, anyway, about the way they run themselves, isn't the important measure of evul how much death and destruction one is dealing out elsewhere, mostly?  Anything that doesn't recognize that context, foremost, and the tendency of the US to demonize the tiniest (and quite often fake) evul elsewhere (while often ignoring the real stuff at home, or even in context) to justify war, including such things as sanctions and de-diplomacizing, which are cold war.

Anyway, neoliberal Yelsin was nevertheless trying to privatize everything, and healthcare funding was set to $96 per person.  Putin (often said here to be even more evul capitalist) actually increased the public health service funding tenfold by 2013, a significant portion of national income.

The wonderful US sanctions and the like have taken a toll since then, and public healthcare spending has (had?) fallen somewhat.  There is also a private system, through which richer people get prompter and possibly better service.

So it isn't therefore perfect, as if we were the ones to judge.

And those sanctions have done what for us, exactly?

Oh, yes, the military industrial complex has been on a roll.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Letter to my rep about Russiagate

Russiagate is a scam by the "centrist" neocons to pursue endless imperial dominance, including war with Russia, and "centrist" neoliberals to deny the unpopularity of neoliberal candidates like Hillary Clinton and policies like those of her husband, in particular.  One of the best places to read how much a scam this is has been ConsortiumNews.  The legendary Robert Parry was exposing the Russiagate flimflam daily until his recent death.  He was fully backed up by the likes of Edward Herman, co-author of Manufacturing Consent.  Now Caitlin Johnstone is one one of the best debunkers of Russiagate.

I am very sorry to see that otherwise progressive Representatives such as you and the Senator I supported for President in 2016, Bernie Sanders, have jumped fully in the arena on this.  I have always voted for and supported you and intend to continue doing so, despite this terrible mistake, for your essential goodness in other areas.  But I do believe the party and the people will ultimately pay a price, both for perpetuating this nonsense and for not focusing completely on stopping Trump in the here and now with the most progressive policies, like those of Bernie Sanders, which have proven popularity.  We need to flip the switch back to the New Deal and Great Society, but ultimately further, with single payer healthcare for all, which had been the hopes of FDR and Johnson.  There is no middle ground worth considering, and middle grounds don't sell anyway.

We ought to eliminate sanctions on Russia.  Russia's influence is almost nil, and besides Russians should have free speech just as anyone else.  We've been influencing the governments of other nations around the world to a far greater degree for decades.  This is hypocrisy beyond imagining to the knowledgeable.  BTW, RT shows many of the best US journalists our military-industrial-corporate media won't include.  If that's what we did in other countries, I'd be proud.  We spend billions a year on programs such as USAID and NED to "influence governments."  And that's not counting the way we influence Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and many other countries by violence.  Meanwhile, one headlined report that clogged our newstime for weeks was about a private Russian corporation spent less than $50,000 in Facebook ads before the election, which were not ever directed and candidates and only partly having political messages.  In the State of Michigan, the amount spent on political message ads was much less than $100.  How many other non-US-citizen actors were spending far more?

We should be more concerned about the endless influence Israel and Saudi Arabia have on our government, as well as multinational corporations and the super wealthy.  Disposing of Citizens United would be the biggest and most important step in restoring a bit of Democracy here, not obsessing over Russia.


Thursday, March 15, 2018

The War with Russia Wurlitzer belts out another one

Now, the poisoning of another Russian expat.  

While the Mighty War Wurlitzer of the US Empire plays it's favorite tune, Evul Putin, once again it makes little sense that even the most possible Evul Putin would do this, especially now.

And I don't believe Putin is so uniquely Evul as to uniquely bear that title compared especially with the greater Evul of the US Empire and US Presidents.

One way to judge the greater evil would be to count the all dead bodies, such as the excess deaths caused by US Foreign Policy through wars and covert missions since 1945.  Here we could just count the numbers, without regarding who was right or wrong.  Mostly both were wrong.  In no way did Soviet actions result in the many tens of millions of excess deaths that US actions did.

Since the Putin era, however, a slightly different pattern emerges.  While the US continues long standing and mega deadly war crimes in the Middle East and Afghanistan, and threats and sanctions (which are illegal acts of war also), many of Putin's actions have some legitimacy.  For example, he was invited in by the legitimately elected president of a legitimate and recognized country, Syria, to defend that country from terrorists.  Meanwhile, the US has been creating, sponsoring, and funding those terrorists for decades.  Here, generally speaking, Putin and Assad are fighting a "just war" while the US/Saudi/Israeli actions are war crimes, pure and simple, with no justification.

Likewise, but more complex, is what has happened in Ukraine.  And when I defend Russian actions, which are almost as defensible as the ones in Syria, given the entire background, it's a long story.  I've given it in previous posts.  Basically we funded a coup against another legitimate government, and in this case it actually fell to our coup, upending what was once the heart of Russia.  OTOH, some liked being that heart, and some didn't.  I take the re-annexation of Crimea as a legitimate claim, and the case for separation of the Donbass is a good one also.  Meanwhile, the US has used these arguably legitimate responses to the coup it engineered as an excuse for the first stage of war: Sanctions.  For no good reason, as elsewhere in the world we are doing far worse.

But, we could still apply the cold war judging standard I am proposing, all excess deaths are equal, whether war crimes or justifyable, and the US has still caused far more.

Another essay on the Skripal case, showing false flag to be the only plausible explanation.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Why Capitalism Exploits Women

The claim that capitalism exploits women because women inherently have less power is false.  In households, individual relationships, even consenting to relationships, women have the upper hand, as follows from biology, owning the scarcer resource.

Capitalism differs from more basic situations in that the aim of the Masters, is to keep people divided.  Divided over everything Except the rights of capital...those must be unquestioned and absolute.

Division includes racism, sexism, and sex war.

By forcing women down in the extraction of labor power, the Masters are furthering Sex War, and thereby increasing atomization and alienation.

And then, owning the media, the Masters can blame all men, furthering Sex War even more.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Beware the Anti- Anti-War Left

And the endless intrigues they willingly allow themselves to be a part of, now including Russiagate, Putin-whatever, the War on Syria, the US/NATO Takeover of Ukraine, and others.

Jean Bricmont wrote this at Counterpunch in 2012.

Malooga at Moon of Alabama (MofA is soon to be added to my sidebar, along with Counterpunch) wrote eloquently about this in 2013.

And now, in 2018, the same "Our Enemy has WMD's!" hysteria is back, big time.

Caitlin Johnstone calls out our hypocrisy in Syria.

I would only pose a slightly qualified defense for Noam Chomsky's blanket condemnation of Assad, on the weight of his other works, his earlier inquisitions, and that his opening lines are meant as a qualifying brush on what follows,  following a particular (folksy) style of argumentation, and being taken out of context.  He's right to ultimately focus on the US as the ultimate source of most violence (not Israel, as sone do) for reasons that will beome clear through my argument below.  Mostly the folskiness is fine, in this case, it bothers many of us.  But, I don't think it's really that big a deal.  I'm not throwing out my Chomsky books or ending support of Democracy Now! or The Intercept, despite disagreement with some of the views they have presented.  They do always say, you must judge for yourself, and on each point separately.

In the most recent discussion party I hosted, not at my pleasure the topic of Russiagate came up, and I'm afraid I can still lose my cool over that.  After a few comments, I was asked if I had given up leftism and become alt right or something.

No, the ethics of it all is quite simple, even if Neitzche condemned "slave morality", putting others equal if not first is the the essence of ethics.

In this case, we should take the log out of our own eye before condemning the speck in all others, and indeed the quantities are like this.

While we spend a trillion a year on international disinformation, sanctions, bombs and DU, Assad has not ventured beyond his internationally recognized borders; it was Britain then US who started financing terrorism against his family decades ago before their often lied about (and fabricated, etc, including by the now debunked White Helmets) responses to it began.  Russia has only reclaimed a key tiny piece (Crimea) that was broken away, effectively, by two coups: first, the western orchestrated "Collapse" of the Soviet Union, which in this case broke away the region which was once the heart of Russia, and second the backing of a racist violent coup which constituted the current regime in Ukraine.  Even if Russia were not justified in doing as they did, as I think they were (and highly lied about in the west), they were still microscopic compared to our years of heavy bombardment and action in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen--for what???

We've deliberately altered the trajectory of countries in dozens if not hundreds of cases (such as Chile, Guatemala and Iran) and sometimes bragged about it.  Often in very tragic ways.  Chomsky HAS written about this recently, mostly echoing his friend Edward Hermann who wrote the clearest and best denunciation of Russiagate last year.   Robert Parry was doing a most excellent job too, and now Caitlin Johnstone.  A friend of mine who takes Russiagate more seriously than I do calls it "Blowback."  I've already stated that anytime Russiagate comes up it MUST BE put into context, else one is taking on the role of imperial stooge.  But from what we know, it doesn't look like very much blowback at all, if any even.

What should a US Citizen say about Assad?  Firstly I don't have a reliable source for information about him, so I don't really know anything, and would certainly never be able to put it in the fullest possible context anyway--no one person can ever do that.  Though I have read that as recently as 2012 he was a very popular President in at least the area of the country that voted (most of its population), so he must not have been as evil as alleged around here, and likely still isn't.  Second it's a far away country that has not done anything wrongly to Americans, so we shouldn't have ever been involved in any kind of militarism, or even financing terrorists against his regime. Thirdly we've wronged it (as well as the Assads) for decades--so morally and ethically we owe them a lot.  Fourth our best way of paying that debt, or at least starting, is to stop increasing it.  We should just pull out of Syria, and all foreign countries for that matter.  Forget ISIS and all that crap (which we had a leading role in creating).  Leave others to solve their own problems rather then endlessly making them impossibly worse.  And that includes turning our gaze around and applying our standards to ourselves first.

We really do not have any business putting troups and waging war all over the world.  It doesn't make us any safer.  We need to focus on making a better country here.  We need to reverse the wrong path to a continuation of militarism after WWII.  We need to put ourselves to making a better country, not a greater one.

Everything else is apologia for empire, and is not compatible with leftism, or any committment to moral and ethical justice.

Only when we have no ongoing wars or aggressive designs of any kind on other countries (including threatening weapons of mass destruction) can we begin to rightfully assess the actual human rights situations under the designs of foreign leaders where our military forces or proxies or threats are directed, and peacefully work for better human rights and human satisfactions of all kinds everywhere, starting at home.

Syria vs The US

So far, all claims that Syria has used chemical weapons have been debunked, including the latest chlorine gas claims.  Rebel-held cities are a perfectly motivated and equipped to smear Assad with false claims, and all US and NATO operators take and possibly encourage such claims.  Supposedly independent actors, especially the White Helmets and even legendary Amnesty International are willing to lie in the service of western hegemony.

Assad has never had any need for chemical weapons.  He has the advantage in military equipment and firepower and can simply blow things up.  And has.  And, in absolute terms, of course this is monsterous.

THAT of course is his inhumanity, but the reason this is not emphasized in US Media is precisely because...the west does it too and moreso!  We are the biggest monsters of all!

Assad is blowing up rebel held cities because in his view, they are part of his country which in the process of being stolen by US and Saudi and other-middleastern funded rebels.  His country has become part of a proxy war between the US and Russia, the US being the instigator just because US don't want Russia to have any client states, just the US.

This is arguably, on his part, just war.  Now, it does seem that his use of heavy bombardment is unnecessary and therefore unjust.  But we don't know the details.  It could be, and after all this war has been pulled along by heavy US and Saudi "investments" for decades and still.

Meanwhile, the US has been fighting warfare in Afghanistan and Iraq for no apparent reason other than to crush independent actors and prove we can make their countries a living hell.  This is a very high power of monsterousness; it's a war crime which cannot be justified, and seems to have no other purpose than terrorize the rest of the world by showing our capacity for endless brutality.  In Syria, our mission for decades has been destroying the decades old republic that exists, and replacing it with a client state of ours.  Another monsterous war criminal act with no possible legal justifyability.  Of course, it's sold in the west as saving the women and children, and democracy and all that.  Yeah, we're saving them by giving heavy weapons and chemical precursors to jihiadis.

Actors who supposedly inspired these wars, Saddam Hussein, and Osama bin Laden, are long since dead.  The Taliban had done nothing to us and offered to turn over Osama bin Laden if we would provide evidence of his involvement.  Actually, it is known now, exactly when and where 9/11 was plotted, in Germany, and without Osama bin Laden.  He could only be proven to be a spiritual leader of Al Qaeda, and allegedly a very retiring one in poor health.

Saddam had not only never threatened us (he wanted to be our friend...again) he had nothing to  do with terrorist attacks on the US in fact precisely the opposite, he was working strenuously to suppress Al Qaeda and their like in Iraq and doing a better job than we have ever since.  In fact, since we created the precursor to Al Qaeda (the Mujahadeen, to fight Russia), and have been funding Al Qaeda in Syria through numerous supposedly unconnected organizations, along with the Saudis and others, it looks more like we toppled Saddam precisely because he was blocking Al Qaeda--certainly our guys before and after.

At best, all our wars make no sense in any way except wasting a lot of money and blowing things up.  At worst, they are the highest imaginable monsterousness.

Meanwhile, this little guy Assad is only trying to defend his country from being carved up by foreign funded armies.  Carved up where the population is thin but the oil wells are dense.

And so it goes.  We might be lucky if somehow Russia were able to peacefully subdue the US Deep State, since by far we are the greater evil, and have been since WWII.  Though I wouldn't count on that being the luckier path.

It seems to me like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.  First Bill seems the greater evil, by destroying all his competitors and then most of his cooperators.  We knew, in the end, if Apple got big, it would be an equal evil, and so it is.  Though the Apple system has been far superior since OS X, and we owe that switch to Jobs selection, determination, and persuasion (along with the legions of Unix and BSD and Gnu/Linux programmers).

I'm greatly put off by Putin emphasizing and glamorizing his military capabilities.  Yeah maybe he's not as nice a guy as our previous President (however, I'd guess he killed far fewer people).  But in general he seems more a more responsible person than our current President.  In other ways, and partly through decades our influence, Russia has become more anti-socialistic than we are, ,and less LGTBE tolerant, and those are deep faults.  But it is ours not to keep making worse, along with ourselves.

It would be ours, first, to do no more harm.  And not participate in the foreign monster of the month demonization club of the deep state.  Instead, find every way, to keep the focus here, on the monsterous deeds done in our name by the machinery we have some small ability to move over time.

This is true to the point where concern for the greater good compels to act like defense attorney for for the all the alleged foreign monsters presumed by fellows to be the greatest evil, when in absolute sense, they don't deserve any defense, their guilt being so much less than ours, we should always present our prosecutions of ill behavior in the order of the greater guilt first.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Speaking in Tounges

How is it possible, for nice people to be so dastardly?

I'm talking about the Deep State people who run psyops against the American people.  Like Russigate, for example, a narrative in which all bad things come from Russia and from collusion with Russia by a few bad Americans, basically ignoring what America is doing in the rest of the world, even good Americans like Barack Obama who continued all the wars he inheirited and created a few more, and sent more bombing missions than any previous President, only to be immediately exceeded by his successor.

It turns out the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst was a previous Psyop, designed to justify the invention of police state things like SWAT which were mostly directed against leftists.

Do planners in the Pentagon laugh evil laughs as they are planning false flag operations like the Gulf of Tonkin?

No.  What generally happens is that people are pulled so hard into the groupthink that they can't conceive of the evil of which they are a part.  When they speak, they speak in the groupthink twisted words and ideas that above all justify what they are doing as a greater pursuit of liberty and justice, even when the clear goals are what would by another other standard especially the more objective ones be seen as the opposite.

Hierarchies can enforce doublespeak like this.  To rise at all one must demonstrate greater and greater submersion into the doublespeak.  So it is no wonder the people at the top are All In, even if that means All In for their own cashing out.

This is in fact the essence of how hierarchies work.  Not just obedience, but thought submersion.