Thursday, August 29, 2013

More AT&T Samsung Galaxy madness

Background: 5 days after bringing my 3 month old defective Samsung Galaxy S4 phone to an AT&T store, I received the replacement lacking battery, back, and SIM card.  AT&T directs me to to copy the contacts to new phone.  But wait, I only have one battery and one SIM card, so I can't actually operate both phones at the same time, can I?  How am I supposed to copy my contacts and photos (and that's all I care about, fortunately, I can get my apps from Google later).

Today I showed my phone to an Android guru at work.  We tried and talked about several things.  Nothing was successful and I will continue to go the the AT&T store tonight to see if they can resolve issue.

First he suggested that I could use Kies and wifi to copy my contacts and photos to my mac, then copy them to the new phone.  First we needed to get my phone on the public wifi at work.  We did that, but there did not actually appear to be a Kies app on the phone, or at least I couldn't find it.  There is Kies preferences, but not Kies itself.

We did find a way to copy my contacts to the SIM card.  Presumably I could unpack them from the SIM card after installing in the new phone.  But that would not solve the problem with regards to copying my photos.

So then we tried connecting the phone to my Mac computer using USB.  He was hoping it would appear as a disk device from which we could access photos and the contacts image I just created in the SIM card.

Unfortunately, the Mac did not recognize the Samsung as a USB drive, but instead as a network "Music Server".  It was not visible in Finder, but only in Network Preferences.  In order to attach a music server to my Mac at work I needed the Admin password.  I do not have the Admin password.

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