Friday, February 25, 2011

The vast Koch Bros Right Wing Media Conspiracy

The Koch Bros, whose father founded the John Birch Society, today have a great purchase on state governments and the American mind.  Their businesses revolve around the relentless extraction of wealth created by millions of years of biological processes, so is it no wonder they are the among leading funders of climate denialism?

But beyond that, the Koch Bros and their peers, have done an incredible job of convincing people the merit of their far right ideas.  This is not merely by being so intune with facts, but also the way a private media system operates to the advantage of wealth.

In some sense, I could feel relieved that my prediction that Capitalism is system which cannot succeed is proving more and more true.  Through ownership of the media, capitalists will succeed in brainwashing enough to get their way.  The result can only be endless catastrophe.  There is no doubt in my mind that people in the future will regard Capitalism with about as much respect as the Third Reich.

Nevertheless, I must do everything I can to stop the train-wreck, even if at the expense of making the obviousness of my claims less apparent.

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