Monday, February 21, 2011

How could we have missed this

I see now that "mainstream" analysts with oil companies and Wall Street are starting to talk about peak oil and its consequences.

I had learned about the concept of peak oil in 1998 after finding the slightly unhinged but nevertheless informative DieOff website, and my best friend at the time thought I was nuts.  Of course, King Hubbert published his original thesis in the 1950's (IIRC), so it's nothing new.

I learned about Global Warming around 1974 when I took a "Futurology" course (one of my favorites) at Pomona College (taught by Dr. Rexford Tugwell).  At the time, however, there was also concerns about coming ice age, and I preferred the ice age story for quite awhile until I became familiar with recent facts.  Also, my academic advisor (Dr. Corwin Hansch) when I was a Chemistry major in 1975 told personal stories about some of the scientists involved in unfolding the global warming story in the 1960's and 1970's.  In his narrative, they were some of the best.

Somehow "mainstream" analysts never learn about these things until, perhaps, it's become time to make a huge profit from them, or they are no longer interfering with business as usual.

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