Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Discussion Party for March

I've hosted a monthly 6 hour discussion and movie party since 2001 on the last Sunday of each month except December starting at 3pm.  (Eventually, a whole list of previous topics will be added to this site.)   Please leave reply if you are interested in attending.

This month:


Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Wisconsin.


Call it Democracy (2008)

A discussion of America's electoral process,
examines controversial elections of the past.


  1. Julie gave me the heads up on this. I'd like to go. Please email me the info (address and such) to steven.gilmore(at)

  2. I'm behind on reading your blog and its links but saw you are opening up your meeting Sunday to blog-readers and have let Steven G. know so I hope you hear from him. He would be great at your meetings! He is the ISO? guy I mentioned to you. See you Sunday.