Saturday, March 4, 2017


Readers will know, I think it was generally good that many members of the Trump administration are friendly with Russia.

However, lying under oath is not the sort of thing the Attorney General should be known to do.

I've been reading this at Crooked Timber.

My personal beef against Sessions has nothing to do with Russia, it's his (and apparently Trump's) apparent stand on rolling back the marijuana legalization which has been accomplished in quite a few states now.  Drug prohibition is immoral in many senses of the word, it creates corruption, a wild west marketplace for consumers, causes greater harm from drug use, and is applied excessively to non-whites.  It's reasonable to regulate recreational drugs, since regulated markets will always outperform illegal markets.  It's not reasonable to prohibit personal drug use.

There's a connection here, between the willingness to perjure oneself and the willingness to be part of a corrupt use of state power.

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