Saturday, March 11, 2017

Caitlin Johnstone on the Russia Conspiracy Theories

Who is Caitlin Johnstone and why does she think exactly like me about the reasons why hysteria over Russia is unwarranted, as she spells out in great detail here.

And she reprises what we know about Seth Rich here, I think it's pretty plausible Seth Rich was the actual leaker (not hacker, since he worked there and had access to them) of the DNC documents, and that his death was somehow related to that.  Officialdom has decided that no conspiracy was behind this, move along, but following the details Cailtin shows it seems unlikely this was actually a "robbery" as officially claimed.  The fact that Julian Assange has offered a reward for information about Rich's killer also suggests that he suspects Rich was involved, and Assange knows more about it than most of us do (though some have interpreted this as Assange merely trying to point away from the Russians...who Assange has specifically denied being involved).

Why would Seth be murdered?  I don't know, but just to show there are many very different kinds of possibilities:

1) Someone wanted to set an example for other leakers, don't leak or this will happen to you.
2) Someone who accepted the documents didn't want their identity to be known.
3) Some other person involved, perhaps in setting up the meeting, or having heard about it, didn't want their identity to be known.
4) The documents had been promised to "A" but were delivered to "W."  "A" was very upset AND possibly compromised or scooped.
5) The payment received from the leak was insufficient to pay someone else who had given an ultimatum for payment.

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