Saturday, April 30, 2016

Why we want Bernie

Two of my favorite bloggers describe why Bernie is best.

Doug Henwood shows the inconsistency of technocratic Paul Krugman, who has long called for something like Swedish social democracy in the US.  Now that a candidate is offering what he has long claimed to want, Krugman has joined the finger wagging "no you can't have that" contingent.

Steve Waldman discusses what is important in politics.  While competency is important, the campaign is not necessarily a good demonstration of that, and the most important thing is that the candidate shares your values and vision, which is why he supports Sanders.

One of the many commenters on Steve's OP gives a peek to a darker side perhaps we best not think of too much lest we lose our courage:

United Fruit writes:
Ha, ha, I see what you did there. You say politics. Then you say words: democracy, democratic polity, democratic process. In which of your wet dreams did US politics have anything to do with democratic anything? The legal test for democracy is free expression of the will of the electors. Did you like your free expression of the will of the electors when you voted JFK in and CIA shot him? When you pushed LBJ out and CIA shot RFK before you could vote for him? When you tried to send them a message with spoiler Wallace and CIA shot him? When you voted Carter in and CIA shitcanned him with a humiliating hostage crisis arranged with US enemies? When you voted Reagan in and CIA shot him and tried to take him back to the White House instead of the hospital? When you finally gave up and voted in the former CIA director? When you got to choose between the former CIA director and the comprador of the CIA drug trade at Mena Airport? When you voted Al Gore in and they said No, none of this vote-counting business, it’s going to be spook cadet G.W. Bush? When you voted to replace him with Kerry and CIA stole the whole state of Ohio? When you voted for a credential-free empty suit who worked for BIC, took an inexplicable intern trip to Pakistan, and whose mother, father, Australian squeeze, and Grandpa were spooks?
So knock yaself out, vote for Grampa and watch Marine One throw a rotor and crater in leaping flames.

There are a few facts in there, some of which I've mentioned before.

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