Saturday, April 30, 2016

Was Chavez Assassinated?

After reading this story published by Mike Whitney, interviewing Eva Golinger, I think probably so.

Do I agree with her assessment of Chavez:
Eva Golinger– The loss of Hugo Chavez has been crushing. He was my friend and I spent nearly ten years as his advisor. The void he has left is impossible to replace. Despite his human flaws, he had a huge heart and genuinely dedicated himself to build a better country for his people, and a better world for humanity. He cared deeply about all people, but especially the poor, neglected and marginalized.

Though I hope the void is not, ultimately, impossible to fill.

Chavez one of the greats...even if not socialist as self-proclaimed and called communist by others.

Chavez was a social democrat, much in the spirit of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

I consider FDR the single greatest President.  He has been impossible to replace (though Bernie could, given similar popular support).

Was Chavez as great?  Well in a southern world not run from Washington, he might have been.

FDR's legacy at least partly still lasts, 70 years after his death.  It was going strong in 1968.  How much of Chavez legacy remains?

It was rather a long time before a nearly full throated advance could be made on FDR's New Deal, the Great Society of Lyndon Johnson and especially Medicare.

And that was pretty much it.  Nixon made a few additions, but got impeached before he could advance his universal healthcare proposal (or Teddy Kennedy's).

How far did FDR's accomplishments go?  And Chavez?  Well I'll leave that question open, though my sense is that FDR went far further with his social democracy.  Of course he was fortunately in that regards to the time and other factors...ultimately the war too.

Most likely, however, Chavez did far fewer negative things.  So there is indeed truth to what Eva says.

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