Sunday, July 27, 2014

Satellite Photos

At great fanfare, the US releases satellite photos implicating Russian involvement in the war in Eastern Ukraine.  It has long been said, and likely true, that Russia has been arming separatists defending themselves from an illegally instituted government in Kiev.

However, everyone talks about MH17.  Here the story is unclear.  The US can clearly take photos, and show them, but doesn't show us anything on the day of shooting.  I have heard the US has a geostationary satellite over the region by a commenter in the comments to the above, so could be expected to have very relevant photos of the shooting.

I still believe the BUK theory, that ill trained Separatists fired off at a commercial jetliner by mistake.  This implicates Russia only in the supply of the weapons.  But other theories say that Kiev deliberately directed the jetliner into warring airspace to create an incident.  And some go further, when that failed the plane may have been shot down by a ground based missile on orders of Kiev.  I would doubt that, but the lack of photos brings up the tails of my probability estimation.

The satellite photos don't clarify the situation at all, in fact they make it murkier.  Funny this seems to be advertised as the proof we have been waiting for, or as if that's what it's supposed to be, even though it doesn't say that at all.

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