Monday, December 17, 2012

Posts being eaten

I'm noticing more and more that my posts to other blogs listed on my sidebar (which I try to write politely, moreso than here) are being eaten a lot recently.  Actually, I'm not sure they are being eaten, it's very confusing.  I make a post, filling out all fields, and click post.  Then, without any sort of message, my browser is pointed back to the top of the blog.  I then look at top and bottom posts, and my post isn't there.

If my posts are being moderated, I'm good with that.  I've seen that usually when my posts are moderated, they get published, and at least I have the feeling that someone is reading them and making a human decision, and that's fine.  What's maddening is not getting any sort of acknowledgement at all, and I've come to presume my post has been summarily rejected by machine.  But I don't really know that either.

I can sort of imagine that the companies who run the auto-commenting services are run by fascists, like the people who run social media.  And these fascists have gotten good at recognizing and auto-rejecting my posts.  Perhaps I've gotten on some sort of auto-reject list, seen only by the auto-commenting services.

Update: well I see now it's not just leftist like me, lots of people are complaining about their posts being eaten, some have gotten in the swing of re-posting multiple times until they get some kind of confirmation.  Still doesn't prove this isn't a fascist conspiracy.

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