Tuesday, December 18, 2012

All errors are my own.

Given such currently inexplicable facts, such as entanglement, and the dominant Copenhagen philosophy of Quantum Physics, it's beginning to seem as if the world is indeed queerer than we can suppose.
But that limit to our imagination is not proven, we can easily suppose something like Simulation, and within that framework Entanglement and Copenhagen make perfect sense.
Remember that Copenhagen says that particles do not have a definite state until they are measured. Really. Entanglement experiments, which originated from an attempt by Einstein to dismiss Copenhagen, back this up, every experiment ever done on this (to my limited knowledge) has confirmed it. I was once told by one Physicist that many Physicists strongly dislike Copenhagen, but lacking an alternative that hasn't been shot down (Einstein's hidden state idea was shot down) they don't buck the program.
You can invoke the ghost of Wittgenstein as a friend of mine does, but Wittgenstein didn't live to see all these results. Perhaps there is some weird error that some of the brightest minds in history have been making for 75 years (Einstein, Feinman, etc), but what is the likelihood that if there is such an error that any of us will see it? 

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