Saturday, July 23, 2011

Patents and Copyrights don't work either

I could almost hear those gleefully scriping up my words on a previous post showing that the only path to continued growth is through growth of knowledge, and concluding that "intellectual property" is the property of the future.

Actually, intellectual monopolies (correct term) do not lead to growth of knowledge either, in fact they attempt to restrict knowledge.  There is no path to exponential growth there.  Furthermore, intellectual monopolies do not actually encourage the growth of knowledge, they encourage the growth of ignorance (as when drug companies hide more effective natural or alternative treatments, and that's just one example of the growth of ignorance caused by intellectual monopolies).  Finally, patents only apply to a specific kind of knowledge, one that is actually not much useful in generating future growth in quality.  Most knowledge of that kind is "a is better than b." which is inherently not patentable.  "a is better than b" is the kind of knowledge that free blogs are providing in exponential increase.

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