Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I like this website

Somehow reading one of my usual dismal econoblogs I stumbled upon the link to LeftMathProf, whose own blog is an encyclopedic new age, but deeply political, vision.  I like what he says; I've been thinking basically the same things for a long time, but he brings it all together with links to define everything.  A masterpiece.

It's quite long and I've only read bits and pieces.  Although beginning in a very new agey way, toward the end he says this (which happens to describe what I do somewhat):

Join the struggle, in whatever way feels right for you. Put peace symbols on your clothing and your money. Join a small, local political group if you can find one or start one — you’ll feel greatly empowered once you become part of a community, and part of the conversation steering that community. (Here in Nashville, you can choose among many political groups, though I see them all as facets of one larger cause.) Or host screenings of films. If you have the tools and skills, make some films yourself; even short clips on Youtube are helpful in spreading ideas. Or just talk with people, online or off — the solutions to our problems will be developed in the global conversation, if anywhere.

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