Sunday, July 10, 2016

Trump Opposes Job Killing Trade Agreements: NAFTA, WTO, TPP

Trump opposes NAFTA, WTO, TPP.  And he is correct in doing so!  Meanwhile Corporate Democrats are unable to put an anti-TPP plank in the party platform.

BTW the usual appeal to mainstream economic dogma and Ricardo is wrong.  James K Galbraith carefully explains why trade agreements kill jobs, increase inequality, and destroy the fabric of the social welfare state, and simply don't work, in his marvelous book Predator State.

Ha-Joon Chang shows how even uncorrupted free trade prevents economic development in his marvelous book Bad Samaritans.

This is much better science than what's offered by mainstream economics, which is basically little more than thinly disguised propaganda for the bankster class and has been since Ricardo himself.  (For more on mainstream economics, see Steve Keen's Debunking Economics.)

The bottom line: development is the basis of investment.  Even uncorrupted free trade would lead to disinvestment and poverty for all but the global bankster gambling elite.  The actual agreements are even more corrupted to moneyed interests at the expense of all, destroying democracy with a free trade excuse.

Why oh why can't the Democrats even put an anti-TPP plank in the party platform?

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