Thursday, May 5, 2016

Agnostic Liberal: Sometimes Too Agnostic

Shane Taylor makes good points about 30% of the time on his Agnostic Liberal website.

He falls into, for example, the trap of ignoring the many faults of Uranium Power.  (Sadly, economist Quiggen has or had until recently fallen into that trap also.)   Because of harboring some residual belief in Nuclear Power, he fails to see the truth in Naomi Klein's poetic denunciation of Extractivism.  Klein has it right.

He's quite good on Islamism vs Liberalism, which is one of his favorite topics (see also here), and well describes the Paradox of Tolerance.

He's excellent on subjectivist illiberalism though unfairly categorizing this as "progressivism" (even in the title of his blog).  Progressivism has nothing at all to do against traditional liberal values, fairly construed.  Progressivism is about Social Democracy.

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