Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hunter Thompson vs Tom Wolfe

Who are these guys?  Were they enemies, writing screeds on opposite sides?  Apparently there was a quite a bit of that, though they were at least partly on the same page too.

This short essay published by The Guardian begins to sort it out (though I'm not sure I trust even The Guardian anymore).

Weingarten paints Wolfe as the more conservative guy, who dipped into Kesey's life for a bit, and while seeing the charm was also horrified by some of the fallout.

Thompson was more the guy to jump all the way in, and define the new as the new normal.  He is specifically described as very liberal too.  That sounds promising, though I still have my doubts.

Looks to me as though I'm just going to have to get the signature books of each man and decide for myself, and decide as well which other books to look at.

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