Saturday, August 2, 2014

About my Jewish friends…so giving

Thinking back upon all my Jewish friends, just all of my best friends going back to age 8.  They haven't necessarily the smartest (although some pretty close)  or the most exciting (though they have generally been more fun to me than others--same speed) but what has really set them apart from others has been how giving they have been to me.  Right away they invited for play, then dinner, and so on.

Now it might be different facing a Jewish lawyer under cross examination, or any other adversarial circumstance.

Israel was created by lying murdering ethnic cleansing extremists who set a deadly ball of murder and deceit in motion, and not surprisingly it is making the worst of the best of people.  Nationalism does that, and so does capitalism.  Both nationalism and capitalism empower the worst people in society the most, which is made worse by the strong extremist nationalist edge of Jewish society.  There is also no King or singular religious leader who could dial it back, as sometimes happens in traditional societies, though that just as often doesn't work.

The best idea is no Israel, no special country club for Jews, especially one built on the stolen land and broken backs of the earlier owners and occupants who were shoved off to make a Jewish majority and are now being squeezed into the margins of their previous state where it had been promised that they would finally get freedom from colonialism and self determination after World War II.

If Jews were to choose to leave a secular and liberal Palestine--with guaranteed equality for all--and full right of return for all displaced Palestinians and their descendants, I'm fine with them leaving.  Jews can live with full rights and little prejudice in many countries now.  I never thought my Jewish friends in the USA suffered prejudice, indeed some got special advantages it seemed to me--as a result of having the more cohesive society I wished I had.  Even if there is prejudice, the best thing is to fight it where it is, largely with kindness, which is what Judaism successfully promotes in diaspora if not in nationhood.

Getting to a secular and liberal Palestine is almost unimaginable via sustained direct conflict by the parties involved…but a regime of sustained international sanctions including blocking weapons shipments to and from Israel from all other states…would be the best tactic.  Another key strategy is educating people about the Nakba and the creation of Israel and the nature of it's role in Imperialism (Battleship Israel) and how that thwarted true local self determination.  I think if many Jews realized they were being used this way--as a force to block global democratization--they wouldn't want to be a part of this enterprise.

The fact that many Arab states such as Egypt support Israel more than Palestinian rights is not a measure of Israel's popular success, but rather a measure of how successful the anti-democratic strategy of having an Israel to block pan Arab democracy has been.  Along with other imperialist measures.  There could have been pan arab secular democracy if it had not been blocked at every turn, and the client dictators supported.  Islam became the only way permitted way to resist.

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