Thursday, September 5, 2013

More Samsung Android weirdness

Late last night, when sending a text message, the text use by the Message application had become very big, so big that small words filled a whole line in the message bubble.  Oh, no, what have I done now?

Having learned that there are menu adjustments you can get to for most applications by pressing the menu button, I did that.  But not one of the menu selections seemed relevant:

Insert Smiley
Add text
View contact
Add slide
Add recipients
Scheduled Messages
Add to spam numbers

Did I miss something there?  Not one of those concerns the text size.

So once again, I needed to resort to google to find the answer.  I lived with the ridiculous text size until mid-morning the next day when I had the time and patience to google.  The first fairly authoritative thread I found with someone complaining about the text size mysteriously getting larger had some guru saying to open the standard SMS application, choose menu->settings, uncheck use the volume key.

OK, I first wondered whether the Messaging app was the standard SMS application, but I couldn't find any other messaging applications except for the AT&T one, and I figured that wasn't the standard one, so Messaging must be it.

But when I open the Messaging app, it goes immediately to the friend I do nearly all of my text messaging with.  That shows the menu I showed above, no uncheck-the-volume setting, no settings at all in fact.  But realizing that the volume key was involved, I quickly found that simply using the volume key in the Messaging app allowed me to change the size back to something reasonable.  Whew.

Only later did I find out how to get into the Settings menu. First, I had to use "back" to exit out of messaging to my favorite friend, then all the way out of the application.  Then when I re-entered the application, and pressed Menu, only then did a different menu appear, one with Settings at the bottom, and sure enough, Settings has the magic Use the Volume Key.  So I unchecked it.

What would make sense to me is have Use the Volume Key unchecked for starters.  No unexpected changes.  Then also have Settings displayed at the bottom of the menu selections whenever the menu button is pressed, not only at the top entry point of the application.  For me the latter change would have been enough for me to fix the problem asap.  I would go into settings and see that option and figure out what was happening.

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