Friday, August 5, 2011

Economy is 77% good will (aka trust), and movement conservatives destroy that

Great post at Naked Capitalism about trust, movement conservatism, and Obama (who is best seen as part of movement conservatism).  One of many great quotations:

"The republicans/blue dogs, and those helping them by lending their "professionalism", think they are only effecting a political strategy. In truth, they are destroying the very basis for the wealth they desire. Their entire campaign for decades to discredit, to instill mistrust in the primary institution we have, the US (We the People) government, has been the primary cause to our economic decline. To increase the level of distrust is to decrease the available “intangible capital” which is 77% of our wealth generating power. "
I added this comment (with a few edits):

This post like all others by DB is brilliant.

Obama the Steamroller gets what he wants, and what he has always wanted is to serve his hedge fund masters by abolishing actual government programs that work for people, replacing them with predatory programs that serve the wealthy.

Two of his tactics are to use only right wing ideas, and the other is to keep the microphone out of the mouths of actual left-of-center types.  Both tactics were on continuous display during the phony deficit ceiling crisis.  And the real coup was making a deal before Bernie or any Democrats could actually speak in the Senate.

Healthcare Reform is not primarily a government program, it's a private insurance mandate with subsidies.
Yes, the hedge fund pyramids grow ever higher, even as base on which they rest ever rots away to make them grow. 

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